AirDialog is a new cargo feeder operator, commencing operations for FedEx in June 2022 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our world-class leadership team holds extensive strategic and operational experience in the air cargo industry. We are building a high performance team and hiring at all levels within the organization. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, stock options, Flight Safety International professional training and unique growth opportunities

Safety is a team effort — AirDialog is fully and unconditionally committed to operating at the highest level of safety. The AirDialog team embraces a top-down culture of safety that brings together our four key Safety Management System components: Safety Policy, Safety Assurance, Risk Management, and Safety Promotion.



David DeRose


DeRose has spent much of his career in aviation including 25 years at Ameriflight. He became a co-owner of the airline, and in his roles as executive vice president and chief financial officer, DeRose provided strategic vision and established formal policies, procedures and reporting metrics for all operational departments across 700 employees. Notably, he led the acquisition and integration of airlines, and he was key in the company’s management buyout and subsequent sale. Ameriflight became the biggest 135 cargo carrier in the world, operating 175 aircraft in the U.S. and Puerto Rico for the largest logistics integrators and all overnight shippers. DeRose also has significant aircraft purchase, lease and financing experience, participating in over 100 transactions.


Jeff Drees

Director of Cargo Strategy and Recruiting

Drees spent 40 years in the aviation industry starting as a pilot and spanning all aspects of airline operations. Drees served as chief commercial officer for Ameriflight and oversaw more than 1,500 domestic and international departures per week while the company was flying over 75,000 hours per year. He managed customer relationships with FedEx, UPS and DHL, a large bank consortium and nuclear medicine organizations with time-sensitive deliveries. During his 35-year tenure, Drees became a co-owner of the company and also held the position of Executive VP of Operations.


Lee Tomlinson

Director of Operations

Tomlinson will run the airline and serve as the contact with the Federal Aviation Administration. His operational experience in the cargo feeder industry spans over 20 years. Tomlinson has worked with numerous cargo airlines including IFL Group, Mountain Air Cargo, West Air, American MedFlight, serving as line pilot, chief pilot and director of operations. He has Part 135 and Part 121 experience and has flown across the U.S. operating various airframes such as the Cessna 208, King Air 350, ATR, Metroliner, Convair 5800 and F27. He is experienced in conducting comprehensive audits to ensure regulatory compliance in all key areas including operations specifications, manuals and safety management to meet local, state and federal requirements.


Kevin Loper

Chief Pilot